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The Material Of The Fender
Jun 05, 2017

  The material of the fender

  The material of the fender is divided into rubber, plastic, paint, and the price of plastic is low but because it is very hard, so fragile, the paint fender is painted on the basis of plastic fender, and its quality is plastic Fender the same, and now you can see a lot of soft plastic material on the wall of the fender in the sale of its toughness is the focus of business to build. Of course, it's beautiful do not have to mention, certainly for their own car's overall image considerably.

  Installation of fender

  Fender is dedicated to the car, to be installed in the rear of the tire, the installation can be installed with the original car screws, and then self-tapping screw reinforcement, installation more convenient, a lot of fender printed on the installation location above the words, you can quickly install, The price is also appropriate, the general price of thirty or forty pieces, some of your more than a hundred pieces.

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