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The Fender Is The Patron Saint In The Rain
Jun 30, 2017

  The fender is the patron saint in the rain

  Normal new car friends, buy a car or may encounter the seller to the referral device bus fender situation. When you are driving a car, every time the wind and rain through the potholes of the way, the car on both sides of the car splashing around the mud and asphalt is really upset, was spilled fly the rise of gravel will It is easy for your car's paint to form damage! All you can handle, you can handle this problem as long as you can use the car model for your car, and the fender windy rainy day for your car also keep clean, affordable and durable fender Will be your best helper when driving on rainy days.

  What is the use of bus fender? Is there a need for a device? Here we generally give you explain.

  Bus fender as the name suggests is the role of mud. It is installed to the front of the four wheels of the bus. Behind the two flows below the inner and outer thresholds, the front two flows below the rear bar (the normal model is like that). Its really 4s shop purchase, then they are served as a device, the market or online to buy a device with instructions.

  After the installation of the device is that the fender than the bridge protruding 5cm inside and outside, the main role of the fender than that is 5cm attack, which 5cm ineffective prevention of flying stones and gravel injury body paint The

  In addition, the role of the bus fender is to increase the overall beauty of the body. This is also a lot of car owners installed bus fender reason.

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