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The Composition Of Airbag And The Precautions Of Fixing Loss
May 31, 2017

  The composition of airbag and the precautions of fixing loss

  The role and composition of airbags

  Installed in the front of the car (main copilot), side (front and rear of the car) and the car top three directions. Can effectively reduce the degree of injury to the occupant, when the collision accident, play a certain cushion effect, prevent division attendant injuries.

  The composition of the airbag system usually consists of the following components:

  Collision sensors, airbag computers, System LEDs, airbag components (the composition of the airbag components include airbags, gas generators and igniter, etc.) and connection lines.

  Collision Sensor

  Different types of general installation location is not the same, common installation location: Generally located on both sides of the sensor is called the left-front collision, right front impact sensor, some vehicles in the central location will also install sensors, as a central collision sensor, some models will talk about sensors and computers installed together, installed in the front of the gear bar or the rear of the plaque (this type of car will not be able to visually see the sensor situation).

  Classification of sensors: (generally, the relationship between the classification knowledge and the accident car fixed loss is not very big, do not explain)

  According to the different uses, the collision sensor is divided into triggering collision sensor and protective collision sensor.

  According to the different structure, the collision sensor is divided into electromechanical collision sensor, electronic collision sensor and mechanical collision sensor.

  Airbag computer

  Airbag computer is an important component of airbag system, most models will be airbag computer installed in the cockpit under the central console panel.

  Vehicle collision in the car, the airbag computer recovery machine arrives to the sensor collision signal, and make analysis, output instructions to detonate airbag. After the detonation will be in the airbag computer left the detonation data, this data is generally not clear, in order to ensure the reliability of the airbag work, many car manufacturers recommend airbag computer can not be reused.

  Airbag indicator

  Installed on the dashboard, indicating whether the airbag is working properly through the LEDs.

  Generally speaking, the airbag indicator lights off after the start of the vehicle, if the light is still in the light after starting or good state, then the airbag problem.

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