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The Advantages Of The Fender
Jun 05, 2017

  The advantages of the fender

  Fender can effectively protect the body, to protect the body scratched the phenomenon, which is beyond doubt.

  The fender in the usual road conditions can play a very good role, small hard objects splash on the body damage, especially in the rain and snow weather, can prevent the mud splash not only protect their own car, and even because too late to slow down Resulting in a large splash, but also reduce the degree of the car after the splash.

  According to the owner of the test, the fender can not only reduce the number of car wash, but also can reduce the number of paint, even if the owners want to personally wash their own car, then it is easier to clean the body. Moreover, it is possible to prevent the soil from splashing on the rod, leading to premature rust on the ball head.

  Of course, for too late to rain the rain or snow splashed on the passers-by also easily lead to disputes or misunderstanding, then the installation of the fender is very necessary.

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