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Structure Of Airbag
Jun 15, 2017

  Structure of Airbag

  Modern airbag system by the collision sensor, buffer airbag, gas generator and control block (computer) and other components.

  Gas generator. The airbag system requires that the gas generator be able to produce a large amount of gas in a short period of time (about 30 ms), that the gas must be harmless to the human body and can not be too high, and that the gas generator is required to be high Reliability and stability. Gas generators are: compressed gas, pyrotechnic and mixed three types. Hybrid gas generator is a combination of compressed gas and pyrotechnic generator, is also widely used in a gas generator.

  Control device. Generally integrated in the microcomputer. When the car collision accident, the electronic control device to receive a number of sensors from the body of different parts of the slowdown signal, after repeated analysis, comparison, calculation, decide whether to issue an ignition signal. Requiring the control device to be in a complex collision situation to make a very accurate judgment, the ignition time must also be precisely controlled.

  Although the airbag in the structure will be different, but its working principle is basically the same. During the course of the vehicle, the sensor system does not send the speed change (or acceleration) information to the control device. The information is analyzed and judged by the control device (central controller). If the measured acceleration, speed change or other indicators exceed the predetermined (Ie, a collision is actually made), the control device issues an ignition command or a sensor to control the ignition directly to the gas generator. An explosion occurs after ignition, producing N2 or releasing the compressed hydrogen in the tank to fill the airbag. When the occupant comes into contact with the air bag, the damping energy of the exhaust hole on the air bag absorbs the collision energy to achieve the purpose of protecting the occupant.

  According to the location of the installation and protection of different objects, mainly divided into: the protection of the driver's airbag, installed in the steering wheel, to prevent the driver and steering wheel, dashboard and the front windshield collision; The airbag, which is protected against the rear occupant, is usually installed on the back of the front seat or the inside of the headrest, To prevent the occupant from colliding with the front seat. As the rear occupant suffered less damage, rear seat airbags are generally only used in high-class cars.

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