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Distribution Of Airbags
May 28, 2016

Distribution of airbags in the car in front (passenger seat), side (front and rear) and the roof in three directions. Container outside of the airbag system fitted with the Supplemental Inflatable Restraint System, SRS for short) Word, literal translation into Chinese, should be "assisted inflatable restraint system." Emphasizes the airbag in the English name is the auxiliary equipment, should work with seat belts can afford the best protection. Unfortunately name ignored this point, easier to user misunderstanding, airbags alone will be able to get good protection. In fact, if we do not cooperate with seat belt use, in some cases, the airbag will cause unnecessary damage to the occupant. In are driving bit of balloon loaded in steering wheel of middle location, Deputy driving bit of security balloon installation in are ahead of platform internal, in accident occurred of moments can effective of protection driver and Deputy driving bit crew of head and chest, because positive occurred of violent collision will led to vehicles ahead significantly of deformation, and car within crew will with this unit violent of inertia forward dive, caused with car within component of mutual impact, Car airbags can prevent driving position at the top of the steering wheel when the collision occurred to the driver's chest, avoiding fatal harm.

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