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Airbag Safety System
May 28, 2016

Is to protect the car was side impact and occupant safety when vehicles roll are usually installed in door, on vehicles side impact door led to serious distortion, from side-impact led to the waist, abdomen, lateral chest and arm injuries, keep upper body mobility and ability to escape.

Importance as the vehicle passive safety of the people, there were up to 30 air bags in some luxury cars neck, knees, and even on the sides of the roof will be equipped with two tube-shaped balloon, when the accident occurs can effectively alleviate the pressure at the top, with the side-curtain airbags effectively protect passengers in the head and neck. Knees within the air bag is located in the front seat, if opened can effectively protect body parts under the rear passenger's waist, which can alleviate the positive momentum before the collision.

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