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Airbag Invention Causes
May 28, 2016

In 1952, the United States engineer Hetrick in a drive in, in order to avoid an obstacle, immediately swerve and emergency braking. Meanwhile, he and his wife are instinctively reach out, to protect the daughter was front-row center seats. Though near misses, the self-taught engineer was inspired. He thought there must be a protection device, emergency stop or collision can replace an arm to protect the occupants of forward. He using two week of time design out has a car buffer security device, its principle is in engine cover Xia loaded a Sheng full compression air of storage pump, dang car by positive collision Shi, inertia impact prompted a sliding heavy block forward mobile, to promoted storage pump to hidden in steering wheel Central and instrument Board next of air bags fast inflatable, to can makes car in the personnel reduced hurt.

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