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Airbag As A Passive Safety Of The Body Auxiliary Configuration
Jun 15, 2017

  Airbag as a passive safety of the body auxiliary configuration, increasingly by the people's attention. When the car and the collision after the collision, known as a collision, the crew collided with the car components, known as the second collision, the balloon in a collision, the second collision before the rapid opening of a gas-filled air cushion, so that passengers due to inertia Move "flutter on the air cushion" to ease the impact of the occupants and absorb the collision energy, reduce the degree of damage to the occupants.

  Airbag is located in front of the car (co-pilot position), side (car front and rear) and roof three directions. The words "Supplemental Inflatable Restraint System" (SRS) are attached to the outside of the container containing the airbag system and are translated into Chinese and should be "auxiliary inflatable restraint systems". English name emphasizes the airbag is a supplementary device, should work with the seat belt in order to play the best protection. Unfortunately, the Chinese name is ignored in this point, easy to give users misunderstanding that the airbag alone can get a good protection effect. In fact, if not with the use of seat belts, in some cases, the airbag will cause unnecessary damage to the occupants. In the middle of the steering wheel, the airbag of the co-pilot position is installed inside the platform in front and the head and the chest of the driver and co-pilot occupant can be effectively protected at the moment of the accident. The front of the violent collision will lead to a substantial deformation of the front of the vehicle, and the crew will be with this violent inertia forward dive, resulting in the impact of the car with the components of the car, while the car is driving the location of the airbag can be effective To prevent the collision in the direction of the top of the steering wheel to the driver's head, to avoid fatal injuries.

  The side airbag system is to protect the car from the side of the collision and the vehicle when the safety of the passengers generally installed on the door in the vehicle was a side collision will lead to serious deformation of the door, so that can not open the door, the car occupants trapped in the car, The airbag can effectively protect the occupants of the car from the side impact caused by the waist, abdomen, chest outside, and the arm of the injury, to ensure the body's ability to move the upper limbs and escape capacity.

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