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Airbag Applications
May 28, 2016

Air bags are mainly used in paper-making machinery, correctors, calender, press, scrapers, wire and other parts for stroke adjustment and tension control, air bags as a lifting device lifting components, overcome the traditional shortcomings of lifting equipment, no maintenance, long service life and operation easy to change.

Mechanical vibration in the air bladder, diaphragm and DrawString-type structure. Air bags can be used in a variety of mechanical devices absorb vibration absorbers, control movements or booster effect. With elastic element has the same features as compared to steel springs, the air bag has a simple structure, reliable operation, without complex parameter calculation and structure design, static deflection-free, easy to use and maintain, and longer life expectancy.

In practice, air bags have many uses, such as vibration, shock, lifting, gripping and anti-swing, and so on, depending on its usage and use a number of Visual devices. But there is a common denominator cannot be ignored, should be equipped with enough air to keep the stability of its internal pressure.

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