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Airbag (air SAC) Is A Bird Of A Respiratory
May 28, 2016

Airbag (air SAC) is a respiratory system of birds. Bird's respiratory system is very specialized, and has a very advanced air bag system and connected to the trachea in the lungs. Air SAC is composed of simple layer squamous epithelium cells, there is a small amount of connective tissue and blood vessels, its lack of gas exchange function. Birds generally have 9 air bags, after which communicated with a bronchial balloon (abdominal air sac and caudal thoracic air SAC), bronchial interlinked even for the former and abdominal air SAC (cervical air sac, locks, airbags and front airbags); in addition to lock airbag for a single, are left-right pairs. Airbag in between internal organs, chest muscles, and has branches extending into large bone cavity.

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