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Air Distribution
May 28, 2016

Balloon widely distributed in internal organs, bone, and some movement of birds between the muscles. Air bags that the birds have a unique way of breathing--dual breath (dual respiration), and other terrestrial vertebrates only inhale oxygen when there are significantly different. The special structure of the respiratory system of birds, is commensurate with the high oxygen consumption required for the flight. Air bags also ensure an adequate supply of oxygen when birds flying devices. When bird creature, depends mainly on the sternum and the rib movement to change the volume of pleural effusion, lung and the balloon to expand and contract, to complete the metabolism. When you fly, as the sternum fanned wing muscles (pectoralis major and pectoralis minor) starting point, stabilized, thus mainly done by balloon expansion to help the lungs breathing. Yang wing balloon dilation, air via Lung inhalation; fanned wing gasbag when compressed air discharge passes through the lungs again. Thus the birds fly faster, fanned wings harder, faster gas exchange, thus ensuring the adequate supply of oxygen.

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